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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD)


Identification :
1- These rules shall be known as Bridging Programme Rules and Regulations. This shall be read together with Student Academic Performance Evaluation Rules (SAPER), Schedule I (Administrative Order on the Conduct of Examination) and Schedule II (Standing Order against Cheating in Examination).
2-A bridging student shall considered as a Pre-Sessional student if has level of English is four (4) or below. This student shall be subjected to the Pre-Sessional academic policy.
3-A bridging student who was placed in level five (5) or above in the English Placement Test or its equivalent shall be subjected to the Bridging academic policy.
Application :
These rules and regulations shall apply to all bridging students.
Date of Implementation:
These rules and regulations shall come into upon approval of the University Senate.
Bridging Programme refers to a programme conducted by the University for students with certificates that are not equivalent to ‘A’ level but higher than O Level.
Certificates for Bridging Program:
Qualified students with certificates from the following countries will be required to follow the bridging program.

    Qualifications that are Required to go for Bridging Program
1 Afghanistan 12 Years Baccalauria/Baccalaureate Cert
2 Algeria 12 Years Baccalaureat de l’Enseignement Secondaire
3 Belarus 12 Years Certificate of General Secondary Education
4 Bahrain 12 Years Secondary Sch Leaving Cert/Tawjahiya
5 Nigeria 12 Years -West African Examination Council (WAEC)
6 D R Congo 12 Years Diplome d’Etat d’Etudes Secondaires du Cycle Long
7 Egypt 12 Years General Secondary School Certificate
8 Gambia, the 12 Years Sen Sec Sch Leaving Cert from WAEC
9 Ghana 12 Years Sen Sec Sch Cert Examination (SSSCE)
10 Nepal 12 Years Higher Secondary School Certificate
11 Oman 12 Years Higher Secondary School Certificate
12 Yemen 12 Years Al Thanawiya (general Sec Educ cert)

Minimum Language Requirements Into Undergraduate Program:
1 - Students of all kulliyyahs with the exception of BENL, BARB and BIRKH have to obtain Band 6.0 in the EPT or its equivalent TOEFL or IELTS scores as an admission requirement into all kulliyyahs.

2 - BENL students must obtain a minimum of Band 6.5 in the EPT.

3 - BARB and BIRKH students must obtain a minimum of band 5.5 in the EPT and band 6.0 in the APT (CELPAD).
4 - LLB_S students must obtain a minimum of band 6.0 in the EPT and APT.
5 - IRK and BARB programmes have to fulfill the APT with Band 6.0 and pass EPT Core LE 0520 as an admission requirement. The LE 0620 (SFC : LSRW) course is a graduation requirement
Period of study:
_ The actual duration of study depends on the placement level based on the English Placement Test and Qualifying Test. However, students shall be allowed to spend a maximum of two and a half (2 ½) years to complete the bridging programme (5 regular and 2 short semesters).

Termination of Studies:

_ A student shall be terminated from his studies if he: (i) Fail to register without any valid reason(s) in a particular semester, or (ii) Exhausted his study period

_ No readmission is allowed.

Fresh Admission:
_ Students may apply for fresh admission into another programme that they have not attempted before, and subject to meeting the minimum entry requirement of the programme applied for.

Leave of Absence:
1-Students may apply for leave of absence for a maximum period of two regular semesters. The application will have to be approved by the Dean/Director of the Kulliyyah and the decision is to be reported to the Senate.
2-Student who wishes to spend a period of time away from University may request a leave of absence. In order to be considered for such leave, a student must submit a letter to the Dean of the Kulliyyah stating his reasons for the request and the length of leave desired.
3-A student may request an extension of his leave of absence by writing to the Dean/Director of the Kulliyyah for further approval by the Kulliyyah of Board Appeals.
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